see you later fourth floor

this was just a start to our ventures. it took a semester to form these relationships and bonds due to assumptions, but the memories and laughter shared in the tight study area made up for it. we greeted each other at the end of our days, said our good mornings and good nights. we stayed up well into the morning to get work done or to enjoy one another’s presence. we had family dinners. we had late night outings.

thank you for all the memories that fill the walls of the fourth floor, for the opportunity of meeting each and every one of you, and for all the uniqueness that every one of you brought.

maybe no one will read this, but to the freshmen that will pack up and leave home in just a few months: trust me. the transition is not all smiles and tears; there are tears and panic at the amount of change. rely on your family and reach out to your friends to carry you through. there is so much to experience and learn from, so try something new. make sure to move your body so you feel good, it makes all the difference. you will be surrounded by people at all times, so make time for you (if that’s your thing). never forget to treat yourself. the year will go by just as fast as it started, so enjoy it and enjoy the people around you.


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