a year of growth

Another year has come and gone with experiences of love and growth and beauty. This is not a post on resolutions of trying to do more, but rather a simple post of wisdom I have gained throughout.

  • do not expect too much
  • notice all that surrounds you
  • tell the truth, no matter how hard it might hurt (it will hurt more if you do not release)
  • migraines are reminders to slow down, release, and simply be
  • being honest is beauty and bravery
  • blasting music and having a dance party all alone is necessary
  • listening to another human share their story is beauty and vulnerability in a world that needs truth and connection
  • love yourself – every piece, it is you and you are guaranteed your whole existence your whole life
  • show up, it is courageous and simple
  • spread some love
  • silence makes space for openness
  • dreams do come true
  • transitions are hard, but you will get through with love and support
  • change is good as well as needed
  • you do not have to apologize
  • choose your battles
  • fight for what you believe
  • stand up for a cause or two or three, who knows
  • always come back to the mat
  • breathe
  • tell someone how you feel about them
  • love is a profound, saving grace
  • be present
  • it is not about what could have been or what one wants to happen; it is about cherishing what came and happened and the moments shared

May you focus on being. Being – who you are, as you are, with all you are. It is not the expectations of others that you hold close, but what is in your heart. If this life becomes to much come back to the ones you love and stay grounded. Be my love and see where the road leads.

Happy New Year





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