GIRL 2016

I have held off on writing about this experience for a little as the words still do not quite surmount to the emotion and possibility that was felt on that weekend – October 14 to October 16 in Los Angeles for I AM THAT GIRL. For this, I will try my best to capture it all…

The heart was overfilled and the tears overflowing as the coming together of badassery from around the world occurred. I had no expectations after all these years of following an organization that has become my heart and soul except to be ready for many heart claps and smiles. Well, reality was more than any expectations I could dream of.

The opportunity to meet badasses after only connecting through social media and having that little heart to heart to be sisters and have shoulders to lean on from across the world is what THAT GIRL is. To meet the women who have encouraged and uplifted you and being able to hug all of them so tight as in “I got you, you’re here, and you’re enough” is the heart of it all. To have a family and those lovely friends that love and support you wholeheartedly in your endeavors is more than a girl could ask for. To not want to leave and say “see you later” to girls you met only twenty-four hours ago is grace and beauty.

I could say thank you for lifetimes, but none of them would suffice. But, I do know that this experience was one that gave me that push to fullheartedly believe in myself and the power of girls; I understand why the love I have for this organization and movement and purpose is so profound. I lived through beauty that is needed in an oftentimes ugly world.

I say it is a hope in a world too dark. It is a light to the souls of girls who so very need that empowerment and encouragement. It is the building and lifting up of humanity. It is the strength that in the midst of chaos and pain there is beauty and growth. It is the knowing you are heard, you are seen, and you belong. It is knowing you matter because of your story, your fears, your lessons, and your mistakes. It is your enoughness of simply taking up space for miles because of the beauty that is your heart and mind. It is knowing you are living your life how you need to. You are where you need to be and as long as you keep fighting for what you want and believing in yourself you will get to exactly where you want to be. It is for knowing you can no longer hide and be quiet because your voice matters. It is not about changing this world or someone; it is about learning about yourself to grow and evolve and heal whatever dearly needs to be healed in order to give this world just the amount of love it is missing.

You have to promise darling, that you can not hide anymore. You have ideas and mountains to climb or move. Do whatever your heart requires to be filled. Go out and love wholeheartedly because honey this life is no damn lie, it is yours and yours only.

Xo Olivia





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