it’s hard

Everything will be okay I keep reminding myself. It will. But right now, oh man, is it hard. I don’t know if you are a twin, but I am. I never realized how close we were until yesterday when we moved into our separate dorms and the first night was so quiet and lonely – I think the second night was a little bit harder. We’ve shared a room for eighteen years and every night we would just talk to each other about our days or anything, but now we don’t have that. It’s hard and I’ve cried probably multiple waterfalls, but change is good. I can’t stay in the same comfort place forever, so I’m breaking out of my comfort zone even if it means crying myself to sleep or calling my parents crying or just breaking into tears randomly throughout the day. I miss home and my parents and my dog and all the people I love, but I have to grow. It’s hard.

“I know that things are changing and I know they can’t stay the same
She’s the reason for who I am today
Time zones, different roads
If I ever lose my faith, I’m not alone
One will do but we’re better off as two
‘Cause home isn’t a place, home is you”



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