advice on college

Nothing ever seems real until it’s in your grasp and even then, sometimes you’re still in a daydream. I remember the days of childhood when I would think about being a teen and having it all right or dream about growing up and living life only to get there and realize no one has it figured out and everyone is still growing up until they part. Here I am less than a week until I’ll be eighteen and moved-in to college and nothing seems as if it is happening.

All of it is exciting as well as nerve-racking. I have seconds of happiness and then seconds of doubt and fear as to what will happen, but I have to remind myself that there will be opportunities I can’t even dream of now. Even more I remind myself of the advice I received from Emily Greener, co-founder I Am That Girl to “look at it as an adventure. Have a curious heart and an open mind. Be open to being alone…it doesn’t mean you’re lonely. Discover what comes up in the silence.” I remind myself of how Susannah Beth Hutcheson so wonderfully said it, “join things. Take your headphones out while you’re walking around, and don’t look at your phone on the way to class. Talk to the people sitting next to you. Don’t ever be afraid to feel alone, it’s good sometimes. Try to make new friends but don’t compromise yourself for it. Choose friends that you WANT to be friends with. Go sit at coffee shops and people watch, it’s a great way to gauge your surroundings.” Change is good and it will be odd at first, but it will be so worth it and I’m ready for it!


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