A Letter for the Girls

This is for the girls that never quite feel like enough – the ones who look at themselves and wonder what is wrong with them or what they need to change to be “better”, the ones who doubt and feel alone sometimes. This is for the girls who need love and to know that everything they are is enough.

You with the head bowed and smile hidden, look up. I urge you to be there for yourself and learn to love your company. You have to pick yourself up and live again. Do what you need to in order to get there, but promise me you’ll get back up. If a dance party all alone or screaming or crying is what it is, have at it. Do anything it takes to just be comfortable and confident in your skin.

You with the head bowed and smile hidden, look up. You have life to live with dreams to chase and a heart with its own fire, so go for it. Honey, look up at the life around you and take it in. Take in the beauty and joy of this life just for a moment and see what comes of it. Look up to what you have learned and gone through. Please know that you are strong and will get through everything else that lies ahead as well.

Look up to who you are. You are someone of far different paths and journeys from me, someone who is unique all on their own, and is loved. You are you. You are beautiful. You are enough. You are a wonderful work in progress full of simplicity and complexity.

This is to the girls that need a little extra love and strength. This is for every girl.




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