Two Things, One Idea

People and houses.

People appear so little on the outside compared to what’s happening inside them. All the thoughts and ideas spinning around through someone’s mind as well as what the physical body is doing to keep us going during the day. Eyes so the holder of them can view the world in their own perspective.

Houses look put together as if the people in them have their whole lives figured out. Houses are painted a simple color with a few windows and doors apart of them, so the people inside can get a view to the outside. Inside these places we claim as our homes, we grow and experience a majority of our lives and yet they’re built to seem so simple when in reality they’re full of complexities on the inside.

We make ourselves seem so little. We appear as if we’re afraid to show who we really are. We show such a small amount of ourselves and our lives. This idea of people and houses being simple, yet complex gets my mind going.

I’m not sure I conveyed what I wanted to the exact way my thoughts went, but let me know.


2 thoughts on “Two Things, One Idea

  1. Dave DeRose says:

    So I take it as houses are analogous to us as people. People only see a simplistic view of what lies beneath (emotions, thoughts, experiences) just as a person driving by would think of a house they pass.

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