Class of 2016

This won’t be a long post about finishing high school and graduating, but rather a somewhat short post about life if you will.

I’ll get the commonly heard and overused phrases out of the way right now I guess. All of the “I made it, I did it, I got through, and on to the next chapter of life” phrases that sum up where one is at this time in life.

I might as well just get to my point and say that I’m ready for life to begin. In this life that lay ahead of me I know there will be many highs as well as lows. I will have battles to fight and win, internally and externally. I will fight for whatever I choose to believe in. I will work as much as play. I will follow the passions I’ve held for far too long and now can go out and grasp them. I will dream and go after anything and everything that this big heart of mine desires. I will live a life worth living and one I love. I am ready to go out and chase it all to get to where I want.

Maybe, this was a post for the class of 2016 as a way to say go for it. A way to say forget all the doubts and excuses and go for whatever it may be that you have wanted for too long. As long as your body is alive and moving, never stop reaching for what you want. Please, go for it all and keep going till you can’t anymore. Here’s to the best of luck in finding your success and living life!



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