I know spring is coming. I’m staring into the sunset and noticing life from my backyard – something about the way the trees just sit with no leaves present, the sound of birds chirping, the wind gently or harshly passing by, the sound of tires on roadways in the distance, and the just the stillness and calmness that life is right now. I know spring is coming.

It’s a feeling that is somewhat hard to describe, but when I feel it, it’s lovely. Perhaps the feeling is more alive because as I stand on my back porch thinking and listening to what surrounds me, I realize in a few months I won’t be coming home to this everyday.

Home to the yard where my sisters and I would place a sprinkler in the middle of the yard, put our swimsuits on and run and laugh and scream. The yard where I would always complain about doing yard work with my parents, but I look back and a smile appears on my face. The yard where many ghosts in the graveyard games, tag, battleship, throwing tennis balls onto the roof, eating on the porch, the swing-set, pasta parties, sleepovers, and life in general was lived. I will be going home to new sights when I go to college.

I know spring is coming, I guess that’s why I’m reminiscing.


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