To the Class of 2016

Remember back when high school began and four years seemed so long?

Well look where we are…a little less than four months until graduation and it’s all done. Four months until all the stress and worries we’ve had the last few years aren’t going to matter, the kids we grew up with are going to be moving on with their lives, and all the memories we’ve made with people or places or things are going to be just that – memories.

Memories that I hope don’t revolve around school. You know, that you were too busy and caught up with your grades, you kind of forgot to have fun. Of course, I hope you were dedicated to get good grades and be a good student, but know that it’s not everything. I want you to know it’s not everything because when you look back in five years it’s not going to be the test you studied so hard for or the group project that required a ton of research that you remember. Trust me, just trust me when I say it.

When I say memories, I mean the ones where you’re with all your friends just talking and laughing so hard no words can even come out; it’s just the sound of gasps of air. The ones when you’re in the car, blasting music with the windows down, singing to everyone that passes by in their car or on the street. The ones where you just sit and watch low budget movies. The ones where you go the basketball games or football games and talk with everyone around you, but don’t talk to them again. The memories with your teammates getting through practice together or at a race just hanging out before, while relaxing and calming each other’s nerves to do our best.

The list could go on, but in all I really just hope that you remember the memories when you’re with your closest people just laughing and having a good time with no care for what needs to be done in the next hour or what’s for homework because you’re so in the moment. I hope you have made memories to last a lifetime. Is that cliche? Maybe, but in the last four years, perhaps the last eighteen years – you have lost friends and made friends, gone through really low times just as much as the high times, learned so much about yourself and the people around you, loved a little or not at all, made some mistakes, and most of all – you lived and learned through it all.

So, to the class of 2016:

In these last four months be yourself. Don’t waste time worrying about what others think, in a few months most of these people are not going to be in your life, only the close ones will and they’re the only ones that matter. Laugh lots, laughter makes everything better. Spend time with the people you love and who are most important; they’re the ones that count. Have a few sleepovers with the friends that are going to different colleges. Go to prom and dance and laugh. Make time for yourself. Make sure to look back on all that you’ve done and learned with happiness and gratitude knowing that you have so much left to do, I mean high school is just four years of this long life.

Seniors of 2016, make the most of what’s left of high school even when it seems like forever till we graduate; it’s going to go by whether you notice or not. Enjoy it. Have fun. Be thankful. Laugh. Love. Here’s to the class of 2016.




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