Another year. Another book. 365 pages. Many chapters written. Countless memories. Lessons learned. Life was lived.

With all that I learned throughout this year, here are fifteen of them:

  1. No matter how hard your day or week is going remember the strength you have is greater than yesterday.
  2. Yes, you are in pain and perhaps you feel like staying in bed all day, but please trust me that you’ll only feel worse, so get up and live a little – even if it is just the simple act of brushing your teeth or washing your face.
  3. Trust the process, whatever that may be. When you begin something and it seems difficult or it doesn’t seem to be going right, keep going – you will get to where you want to be one day.
  4. Take a few moments every day and just sit in silence and allow your thoughts to wander wherever they take you.
  5. Notice the beauty in the simple, little things of everyday life.
  6. Make a playlist for the season, moment, or day and turn it all the way up while singing as loud as possible and dancing with absolutely no cares.
  7. Everyday, take time to look in the mirror and tell yourself how much you love yourself and how grateful you are for who you are. I know you look at yourself in the mirror and just criticize every small “imperfection” you think matters, so do the opposite for once.
  8. Let people know why they are important to you whenever you feel it is needed, not just when holidays come around.
  9. When you have an inspiration and a passion for something, don’t hold back, go for it with everything you have.
  10. Make new recipes and old recipes. Eat and cook a whole bunch of foods.
  11. Practice your yoga when happy or mad or sad because you will be relieved and something will be changed when you’re done with your practice. Yoga is there to calm, help with reflection, and move you so let it work its glory.
  12. You know who you are at this time in your life and when people criticize you, you just keep living and tell yourself that they don’t know you well enough at this time.
  13. Writing is a stress reliever that has the power to move and inspire, so keep sharing your thoughts in hopes that it’s touching someone.
  14. Never underestimate the ability to turn someones’ day around and give them a little hope when they are in the dark.
  15. Above all, realize that this year was filled with happiness, strength, love, gratitude, pain, and growth with you taking every opportunity and lesson to keep moving forward and living. May you take everything from 2015 and use it in 2016 to learn and live and love more.

Happy New Year! I wish the best to you as you reflect on this past year and delve into 2016.




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