Definition of Beauty


In my Spanish class, we’re on the topic of beauty and what beauty means; the true definition of beauty. My teacher had us define beauty for ourselves and present it to the class, so to me:

Beauty is a false conception. Beauty cannot be defined as one thing because it surrounds us and makes up everything we see or perhaps do. Beauty is nature, the good people do, the music listened to, the things created, the food cooked, or maybe the body’s ability to do so much. Beauty can be physical appearance as well, but it isn’t everything. Beauty of a person is made of their story and failures and triumphs and who they are. Beauty is the world we live in and the life that encompasses it.

So often we get caught in the notion that beauty has to be the looks of someone, but there is so much more to people and to life than just the external characteristics. Yes, looks help to express who is a person, but the inside is where everything that got them to that point in life came from. Put it this way, looks- clothes, makeup, hairstyle- are a temporary expression of a person at that phase in their life. Someone is not defined by the blue color that is actually beautiful and I wonder why a person chose that color. Someone is not defined by the eye shadow that covers the eyes, which I think how does one get so perfect. Does this make sense? Beauty is the whole person.

Now in life, there is beauty everywhere. Beauty in the morning sunrise, a morning cup of hot chocolate, the sounds coming through a speaker, the people that get up to walk furry friends or just go on a walk, the body carrying someone through the whole day with all that happens, yoga, a homemade plate of food, trees blowing in the wind, snow-covered mountains, changing leaves, people kissing, laughter, babies, families, friends, the clouds, looking down on Earth from a plane, an evening sunset, and the list could go on. There is simply beauty in knowing that I exist on this small blue dot in the universe.

Beauty is wherever one wants to see it. I encourage you to look for it and cherish it.


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