The Present of Beauty

Long drives. Fields of green. Moments of smiling. Music playing. Staring out the window. Dreaming of what life could be. Thinking about what life is. Feeling calm and peace for this moment of gratitude and reflection.


I think we don’t pay enough attention to beauty. It is lost in the chaos of everyday life. We just live our lives everyday not noticing our surroundings because we’re to caught up in the hype of getting somewhere on time or taking a picture of being somewhere to make our lives look “better”. We’re not present. We need to be present and alive. 

It’s funny, so many people curse about traffic, but I enjoy it. Traffic allows me to take a moment and notice where I am, to see my surroundings and the beauty of nature. I take a step back and realize there is no need to rush and just live life not actually living, so I sit there staring out the window smiling and dreaming of what could be and thankful for what is. We should all pause next time we’re in traffic and find ourselves angry at the person next to us trying to merge into our lane. Pause and look at the beauty of simply being alive.

When I have these moments of reflection, I think about life. A lot. Life is beautiful, scary, depressing, exhilarating; it’s a roller coaster. Lets be grateful for being able to experience life with all its craziness and beauty. I love you.



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