One of Those Days

I’m back.

Today was tough. There were times I wanted to cry. There were points I just wanted to curse out loud. There were moments that I didn’t believe I could finish. I wanted to just give up. I felt like I couldn’t fight through the pain. But I had a realization that I could in fact get through it because I’m stronger than yesterday. Even though there was so much pain and I wanted to quit, I couldn’t. I couldn’t because I have a team that looks up to me as captain, but also because quitting would tear me apart. Quitting would lead me to believe that in fact I will never be able to accomplish what I want and I would fall further into a trap of negativity and self-doubt.

But, I am proud to say that finished. As much as I wanted to just stop, I finished and supported the rest of the team. I’m thankful that I have learned to block out the negative and just keep going. I’ve learned that each day I’m stronger than the day before and that anything that comes my way I can handle as hard as it may seem.

I’m referring to cross-country of course and it is a sport based on mentality. Cross-country is about attitude and positivity and believing in yourself.

“Running strips life back to the bare essentials. When we challenge ourselves, it breaks down barriers. It brings us back to our essence and peels away the layers of ego we surround ourselves with. Many a grown man or woman will cry during or when finishing a marathon: long regarded as the ultimate achievement in the running world. Emotions flow freely, the struggle is obvious and most of the competition is with yourself.”

– Grahak Cunningham


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