In the future

Concerts inspire me; there is something about live music and the energy that just lifts my spirit and outlook on life. My first concert was in October when Hozier came to Boulder and James Bay opened for him; then, I went to George Ezra in April and just last week James Bay came back to Denver on his headline tour. To say James Bay’s concert was amazing is an understatement. After I left his concert, I realized what I want in life.


Life isn’t about having everything and gaining everyone’s attention, it’s about living with simplicity and happiness for what you do have. I long for people, love, happiness, and adventure. To travel around the world and meet people from multiple walks of life with someone I love while doing what I love is what I dream of. The world has so much to explore and to be confined in one little area not taking advantage of the opportunites and adventures isn’t worthwhile. I see roadtrips and various locations throughout the world, live music, and touching people’s lives.

When I think of what the future has in store for me, fancy cars and big houses aren’t involved. I don’t want to waste my money on materialistic items that can be bought over and over; I want to spend my money on traveling which leads to exploration and living. Money is not a priority. I want to make memories and feel emotions and meet people that have so many different stories, because those are worth so much more than items.

In the end, what I want most in this life is what matters.

“The world is wide from where you stand, so get out while you still can…” -James Bay

P.S. Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, I’ve been busy with school projects, but now I’ll be back on track.


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