Letting Go…

My Grandma passed away almost a year ago and last week her closet was still full. Full of years of clothes’ she gathered. Full of makeup that was rarely worn because she never wore much makeup. Full of jewelry from long ago. Full of memories.

We decided to clean out her closet after my Grandpa went on a trip because he didn’t want to be there while we clean. We, being my sisters and mom. As we began to go through her closet, many memories came up. I remembered all of her shirts and pants. I remembered when she wore them and where we went together. I didn’t realize clothes could hold so much remembrance. And yet, through the whole process I didn’t cry, my eyes teared up, but I didn’t cry.

I didn’t cry because after a year I have had time to think and remember her from simple reminders. It was a gift to be able to go through and take the time to clean her closet and reminisce everything about her. I was able to look back on the daily phone calls, Sonic trips, summer vacations, spending time at their house in the mountains, pantry stocked full of barbecue chips and baked beans, raspberry sorbet, shopping sprees, lunch dates, ski trips; every single moment we spent with her and Papa and for that I’m grateful.

Time is a blessing and a curse. Time has given me the power to let go of the regret and fear I had from my Grandma’s death and let me know that “everything will be okay” as she always said. I’m glad I could come back after a year and be thankful as I went through her closet. Thank you for having the strength to let go and move forward.


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