Yoga Inspires…

A month ago, I had just recovered from a week of migraines that sent me to the hospital. A month ago, I was irritated because I was forced to take a step back from how I was living. A month ago, I was not living life with gratitude or happiness or peace. A month ago, I didn’t realize how different my life would be for the better.

When I went to the doctor to figure out why my migraines had lasted so long, she challenged me to a 30 Day Yoga Challenge along with many other ideas to incorporate into my daily routine to better my health and well-being. Little did I know, that 30 days would change me.

In thirty days, I learned a lot about myself because of practicing yoga. I learned that I can commit to something when I encourage myself to just show up. I learned to practice patience with myself and my surroundings. I learned how to manage stress better, by taking time to myself and planning. I grew in terms of the relationship with my body; I practice positive self-talk and give thanks to what my body can do. I know that it takes time to learn and get something down. I challenged myself in order to get healthier and I followed through with the process. I grew and committed to a practice that has helped improve myself.


Yoga has a way of teaching you that life keeps going and more expectations keep getting asked daily of you, but you have to find the control and courage to push through without beating yourself up. Yoga puts life in perspective. You learn about what’s more important and you learn to do what is best for you. Yoga teaches you to listen to your body and what it is asking for; whether that’s movement or simply love towards it. Yoga inspires personal growth and commitment.

Today, I completed my challenge. But, I am challenging myself to another 30 day challenge; a meditation and yoga challenge. I am determined to grow and inspire. So, because of the first day of spring and the last day of the challenge, I wanted to challenge you to find something you love to do and practice it for thirty days and see what comes out of it.


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