Getting Lost in the Moment

Life is stressful. Life is demanding. Life is complicated. But, life is life. Life is moving. Life is full of possibility. Life is open to anyone willing to open their eyes and live.

You have to gain control of your life by doing what makes you feel alive.

There are times I lose control of life because who can keep it all together one hundred percent of the time? I mean really. When I need peace and quiet I do something that makes me forget about the hardship, the fear, the peer pressure, and stress of everyday life. Whether that means yoga, listening to music, reading blogs or discovering more music and artists. I savor getting lost in the moment.

During the summer, while I’m wearing shorts and flip flops, I like to sit on the porch, headphones in alone with my thoughts. The sound of raindrops hitting the cement on a rainy day or being out on a sunny day with the people I love and just laughing and enjoying the nonchalance of the moment. I pay attention to the little moments when I’m stressed and having a rough day. You know the random acts of kindness that happen all the time or strangers saying hello, just the little moments. I urge you to take the time to be thankful and happy for everything happening in life, even if at that moment in time it seems like the end of the world. Well, I love you Little Misses.


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