Letter to My 13-Year Old Self

Goodmorning, sunshine. I hope today is great and you don’t let it slip away. I get it, life is tough as a thirteen year old. I mean puberty is starting and emotions are everywhere and life is just tough. But, remember you’re only thirteen. Enjoy it. Life is actually pretty simple right now; it might not seem as so, but trust me, in a few years you’re going to wish you were only thirteen. Parents always telling you to do something or just talking to you, listen to them. I want to say thank you for not getting involved with the friend drama because it’s just a waste of time. I want to say believe in yourself. When you thought you couldn’t play the snare part in the music, if you looked a little deeper within yourself you could’ve. When you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror just be grateful, don’t go having negative self talk to yourself. I mean look at you, what makes you think that you’re not beautiful or worth it. Who engrained the idea that beauty was a size or shape in your head? So, to my thirteen year old self, love yourself and trust yourself. In the end, what you think is what matters.


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