see you later fourth floor

this was just a start to our ventures. it took a semester to form these relationships and bonds due to assumptions, but the memories and laughter shared in the tight study area made up for it. we greeted each other at the end of our days, said our good mornings and good nights. we stayed up well into the morning to get work done or to enjoy one another’s presence. we had family dinners. we had late night outings.

thank you for all the memories that fill the walls of the fourth floor, for the opportunity of meeting each and every one of you, and for all the uniqueness that every one of you brought.

maybe no one will read this, but to the freshmen that will pack up and leave home in just a few months: trust me. the transition is not all smiles and tears; there are tears and panic at the amount of change. rely on your family and reach out to your friends to carry you through. there is so much to experience and learn from, so try something new. make sure to move your body so you feel good, it makes all the difference. you will be surrounded by people at all times, so make time for you (if that’s your thing). never forget to treat yourself. the year will go by just as fast as it started, so enjoy it and enjoy the people around you.


four words

everything will be okay:

four words

reiterated more times than to be calculated on the extremity of an animate being,

etched on the left wrist of this body that carries me through life,

and wrapped up in a bracelet with beads bound tight

everything will be okay:

four words

delivered from the lips of my grandmother,

at the inception of the disease that stole her mind and body,

to serve as a keepsake through trying times.


love you Grandma ❤





and in the moments of your despair

step out and reach to the person next to you,

for we are all in this fight for humanity together.

take hold of the hand of the human to your left and to your right,

squeeze the shoulder of the human out in front and embrace them in a hug.

look around into the eyes of humans with paths far different from your own and

cherish this shared history on the walk of love for justice.

listen to the stories of lives lived and living

as you take in this moment of gratitude and the reason of being here from the

overwhelming upkeep of the chaos of this world.




*This is some thoughts after the Women’s March and a Protect Our Muslim Community Rally and the peace and beauty of both. I will be writing more and hopefully more consistently and here is a start.


January 20, 2017

let the feet hit the pavement, the stomps march forth in rhythm, and the voices ring loud in echo forevermore.

let us not stop, let us not be silenced, let us be heard in this fight of present pain combined with past hurt for future healing.

let it be a reservoir of enough is enough, this is not normal, this is a journey of fighting the good fight, this is the act of resistance, of pursuing hope in the face of struggle and sorrow, and standing up because it is all we can do.

use your voice, use your words, use your feet, use your art, use your heart, use your love to be the resistance.

we already began and now reach even further.

“We write history with our feet and with our presence and our collective voice and vision. And yet, and of course, everything in the mainstream media suggests that popular resistance is ridiculous, pointless, or criminal, unless it is far away, was long ago, or, ideally, both. These are the forces that prefer the giant remain asleep.” -Rebecca Solnit

march on and keep your head up. we will stay together and keep hope.

a year of growth

Another year has come and gone with experiences of love and growth and beauty. This is not a post on resolutions of trying to do more, but rather a simple post of wisdom I have gained throughout.

  • do not expect too much
  • notice all that surrounds you
  • tell the truth, no matter how hard it might hurt (it will hurt more if you do not release)
  • migraines are reminders to slow down, release, and simply be
  • being honest is beauty and bravery
  • blasting music and having a dance party all alone is necessary
  • listening to another human share their story is beauty and vulnerability in a world that needs truth and connection
  • love yourself – every piece, it is you and you are guaranteed your whole existence your whole life
  • show up, it is courageous and simple
  • spread some love
  • silence makes space for openness
  • dreams do come true
  • transitions are hard, but you will get through with love and support
  • change is good as well as needed
  • you do not have to apologize
  • choose your battles
  • fight for what you believe
  • stand up for a cause or two or three, who knows
  • always come back to the mat
  • breathe
  • tell someone how you feel about them
  • love is a profound, saving grace
  • be present
  • it is not about what could have been or what one wants to happen; it is about cherishing what came and happened and the moments shared

May you focus on being. Being – who you are, as you are, with all you are. It is not the expectations of others that you hold close, but what is in your heart. If this life becomes to much come back to the ones you love and stay grounded. Be my love and see where the road leads.

Happy New Year




hope for the holiday

“Hope locates itself in the premises that we don’t know what will happen and that in the spaciousness of uncertainty is room to act. When you recognize uncertainty, you recognize that you may be able to influence the outcomes – you alone or you in concert with a few dozen or several million others. Hope is an embrace of the unknown and the unknowable, am alternative to the certainty of both optimists and pessimists.” -Rebecca Solnit

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! May all be blessed and bright full of love and joy with family and friends.